[Discussion] Is the destiny community just not that great at PvP?

Most people just don't know what they are doing IMO. I am in the top 100 for average kills and score per game and k/d 2.77 or something and generally always on top.

I notice a few key problems with a lot of players:

-Nil anticipatory movement. The map gives you clues as to how the enemy is attacking, you need to read that and get into a more advantageous position. Most people don't get this.

-Nil understanding of spawns and how they get flipped and using spawns to control the map.

-Either don't wait for other people close by to get heavy, ignore it or aren't paying attention to a team charging.

-Overuse of shotgun. See a large majority of felwinter lie runners jumping over the map, gathering impressive 20 kills and 0.8k/ds. Suicidal. Very easy to counter if you anticipate properly.

-Hugging my ass too much. Not necessarily a bad thing but people want to try follow me in crucible getting in my way which ruins my game. Then the enemy starts shooting and because they are focusing on hugging my ass and following me, they aren't paying attention to the enemy. Teammates need to be supporting by covering flanks and exposed areas not all bunching up behind me.

-Pressing a choke point when enemy has clear control of it. And also bunching up and forming a line for the enemy to kill you all.

-Not playing enough to learn maps.

I've had some weird matches...one match I scored 45 kills and the next had 6. It's games like that, where I just wonder if my team exist at all. I'm in Australia, and most of my competition are bad. I run into a few annoying players that do ok, but rarely anybody going over 2.0k/d. Not many people are getting high 2-3k/ds whilst playing properly. Sometimes you play a team that all sit back on their spawn just making the game a dour, boring standoff. I figure that's all some people have, they can't play a real game so they all play a real negative style of play.

I honestly have only seen a handful of properly amazing players so far, seems like a few hardcore types. Maybe PVP just isn't that interesting to be invested in for that many people. There's no incentive for many people to be still playing. The maps must be getting boring for some and the game variety.

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