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The NGO IMPACT-se last month published a 70-page document with what it said were select examples of incitement in new Palestinian textbooks.

The curriculum for 2018-2019 “deliberately omits any discussion of peace education or reference to any Jewish presence in Palestine before 1948,” the document says.

“Most troubling, there is a systematic insertion of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects in a more extensive and sophisticated manner, embracing a full spectrum of extreme nationalist ideas and Islamist ideologies that extend even into the teaching of science and mathematics,” it adds.

It calls for the end of the State of Israel and establishing a Palestinian state in all of what is today Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and says the takeover will be violent. It denies any Jewish connection with the land or with holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

The EU hands the PA 360 million euros ($404 million) per year, with most earmarked for its education ministry. In addition, the European body donates $178 million to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendants, much of which goes to its schools that teach the PA curriculum.

EU is WASTEFUL and should stop all aid to those WELFARE CHEATS!


!ping EUROPE

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