[Discussion] What is with the anti-PVP stance everyone seems to have?

My only gripes with PvP are few, but I feel important: - for starters, I probably average about a 1.5 k/d ratio in any game type, so I don't feel like I am a whining loser in terms of skill against others. My main problems lie within the concepts themselves. 1.) Shotguns: I, myself, am a pretty avid shotgun user(in fact, I am plowing through Iron Banner at the moment in sheer hopes of a Felwinter's Lie to drop for me), but mostly as they are intended; a secondary weapon. When a secondary weapon becomes the main and ONLY used weapon for probably 80% of the players I've seen, there lies a problem with balance.(especially after 2 changes to their power in PvP, they still reign king weapon choice?) 2.) Map balance: Many times, I feel like in game modes such as control, the points seem to be placed in such ways, that once held, are left with very limited approaches to reclaim.(I'm looking at you, Rusted Lands...) also, many times, I feel like high ground is so completely overshadowed by the advantages low ground has in this game. I may be alone in this, but 99% of the time I am trying to fight someone on a higher plane than I am, I win the fight, due to a much better view of where they may pop up at & the vast amount of space I have to set up a ploy for them. Maybe there's nothing to do about that, or maybe I just play smarter in those situations, but it feels very one-sided most times, and my clan mates/ IRL friends agree. 3.) The radar system: first off, I understand Bungie has some kind of affinity for randomness/ vagueness in this game, but I find myself hardly being able to tactically utilize the radar in this game. When I see a sector pulsing and getting more and more defined on my radar, I won't lie to you and say the intensity doesn't skyrocket for a second, but that's not all I want from it. Maybe an implication of dots(a lot like the family series Halo has), with some indicators telling us at least where the enemy is in relation to you. Some simple up or down arrows to indicate which physical plane they are currently coming from would be life-saving. Now, this could simply be an exclusive feature in certain game modes where it would matter most(basically anything with an objective other than death match..) 4.) Clutter: I feel like the problem with clutter not only exists within the UI, but for maps as well. I hate that the "Fireteam Voice Channel" message appears right over the only kind of death notification we have against our enemy. I want to be able to read what the person used to kill me so I know to prepare for it the next time I encounter them, not to be informed that the voice channel is available for the 5th death in a row. It could easily be moved anywhere else left open on screen, as there is no real tactical advantage to watching your body lie on the ground in wait of(most times delayed) respawns, or watching the spot where your body withered away into elemental non-existence. Maps also feel like they have just to mo much stuff in them. There are plenty of objects obviously placed as tactical advantages, but are often out shadowed by the fast paced preference open field gun fights that many prefer to use. This is seen a lot in the Control game mode. Some of those places just feel like tiny fox holes. Maybe I just suck. Idk. That is all. Detailed, but few in quantity. Let it be known that I have recently picked up PvP as my main gameplay in Destiny after hardcore raiding and PvP with my clan mates. I have never once bad-mouthed a PvP player in PvE & actually respect anyone who can excel in crucible over someone who had the possibility of gaining all of their raid gear in one lucky fell swoop. Both are entirely entertaining and frustrating in their own ways. I do feel like people give PvE a bad name, saying it takes no skill, comparatively. I would like to see you walk into a fresh raid, completely unknowing of what is ahead of you, without any of the fun-sucking cheese methods at your disposal. Piecing together a raid and finding out how it ticks is incredibly fun, meticulous, and rewarding. Give it a real chance with some friends who are really into it, and I think you'll find yourself with a different opinion. Going into PvP every match and suddenly finding yourself on a 5-7 kill streak, or making a huge play to help propel your team into the lead(did I just black out??) and feeling the adrenaline surge through your body is a feeling unattainable anywhere else in this glorious game. It is what keeps me going every match. This game has its imbalances, but I will wake up every day and get through work every night just to be able to sit down and get ready to destroy and be destroyed, every. single. time.

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