Does anyone else feel weird about the amount of unpaid work? I feel weird about it but I dont have a good solution either.

care if your job is to sculpt or act or any other very enjoyable and personally enriching craft, if you are required to be there, you are owed money. That's the world we live in and allowing an employer to treat you like your labor is privilege enough is foolish. The knowledge of how the human foot works is not going to keep a roof over my kids head and food in my freezer. Labor is labor.

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I agree but massage allowed me to heal myself when I had no one else to rely on. Doctors put me on pills and said good luck we did all we can do for your spine. After three spine fusions I had to find the truth. My health lead me down a winding road of chiropractors, massage of all types, energy work. Chinese medicine. That education would have took thousands of dollars to learn. If you spend any time on the scoliosis forums you will find that most are clueless about what massage can do to help someone. I was at rock bottom before I found out about hands on healing. I probably spent over 1 million dollars just following the medical system's ways. Much of it necessary to live but there was some that an average person should know, but dont. Simple conditions like carpel tunnel requires surgery if you go to them. We can fix it very easily. I had carpel tunnel at one time and had the surgery the doctor recommended. Now when the conditions comes back and it will then I can have someone help me or I can get rid of it on my own. My life is a paradox meaning I need massage and bodywork therefore I must learn to be the best at what helps me the most. I dont have a family dependent on me so I learn each day more about the body and how it works.

Thanks for bringing up the foot. I disagree with what you said. I just fixed an ex judges Foot. It was turned almost 10 degrees. He went everywhere looking for a way to fix it because it was going to cause him to be in a wheelchair at his age and weight at the time. I would say having the some basic knowledge of how the human foot works is very valuable to him and me. Seems everywhere he went all they wanted was money but did not give him anything to really help him but exercise. Their heart was not into the work they did because they just wanted money and for him to come back. He has even told me this much. Peace and best of luck to you.

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