Those of you who are/have been in a relationship with someone who has ADHD, what is it like?

My ex has severe adhd combined with some other issues. So some may be from other issues.

-He rarely finished a project around the house. -Easily offended -Couldn’t listen when I talked because he was thinking of other things. (was in his own world). - when things were important to talk about, it was like he couldn’t accept what I said and would brush it off. He would say everything is ok. It’s not a big deal. In denial there was ever any problems.
- never wrong -He overspent and bought impulsive purchases. Couldn’t pay bills on time.
-He would rarely ever cuddle and talk. He’d get antsy and have to get up and do something because he couldn’t shut off his brain.
-He could only relax in front of a Tv, otherwise his mind was racing. -He alway talked about his next big adventure and idea, etc yet there were few he actually was able to pull off or follow through with. My ideas started and then ended. - chronic lateness -would run to the store several times a day 10 miles away because he forgot something.
- wasting money and time often on things he would just leave out and get ruined. If something broke, rather than fix it just get another one. - high anxiety. Many things set him off. It was like walking on eggshells when he was home. If a child got hurt, even minor, he would instantly start getting agitated at whoever is close and blame them. When he got injured it was always bigger than what it really was. So many times he “broke” a finger or toe or whatever and it was just an injury not broken - just very anxious.

Now for the good things...

I loved the adventure, spontaneous moments. He always had to take care of things his way, and I was actually ok with this and liked it for the most part. I could just suggest something and he always would want to do it.
If we were driving by an icecream or food place. I just mentioned it and we’d be there getting whatever I wanted.
He was a go getter and I liked this about him - energetic and on the move. Not one to ever sit around and wonder what to do next.
He liked to do everything himself, his way and it made life easier in some ways as I never felt threaten by it, unless it went against my core values.

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