Does anyone know how to say fuck on Roblox

I haven't figured out a way to fully say it, but 'f' apparently doesn't get turned into four hashtags. It's not the whole thing, but everyone is sure to know what it means, and at least one letter is shown. Other ones with slight censoring that works are sh, bit, I think pissed doesn't work but 'pissed off' does for some reason? D^ works like that, and fully uncensored lower-level stuff like hell crap and damn all work (all of this is assuming you have an account aged 13+ btw, the restrictions are lowered if so) bull sh^ does not work, saying 'fucking' in any capacity is seemingly impossible despite my constant experimentation, saying 'fuck you' even typing it as 'f^ you' doesn't work, but just typing 'fu' does, so unless the person you're harassing is an idiot, they'll easily understand what you mean. I haven't tried anything related to pussy so idk, suicide doesn't work (that's the number one thought in my brain all the time now btw) suicidal worked once, but I don't think anymore, I haven't tried typing sex so for that one I'm useless, there's a few other things I know but I can't think of them right now, message me and if I care maybe you'll get a response (probably not though) and yeah... there's my huge stupid unstructured rambley response about random swearing and other mildly "inappropriate" (a concept which is infinitley idiotic and flawed and stupid) stuff in roblox

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