I dont understand

Unfortunately for me as I've come to realise as the doctor hit me with, "You can still die, we are keeping you in." This is what I am used to, people say men marry their mothers, which is hilarious to me because in a way I married mine. She was my abuser and I set myself free from that when husband and I split I forgave mother, and I forgave him but today, when the hospital called him to, take care of the dog who had I not had a dog walker (I am in a foreign country because of his job) would have been left for however long I am stuck here, he said it would be inappropriate for him to go to the dog after today.

He's a weak man, he's always been a weak man and he always will be. I was kick-ass wife before I let my past haunt me. I just hope I haven't left it too late to become a mum when I get away from all this.

Thank you for your kind words

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