Psychic was not able to read me.

Yeah there is that reason above or there is the possible reason their fake.

I deleted all of my social media once went on Etsy asked for a reading it was a 3 day an email 3 days later they couldn't read me. I got refunded.

I left it a few weeks so they would be distracted by other readings. Went back to the same reader, Opened all of my social media left some of it on public. Went back and asked them if they could possibly try again.

They sent through a reading and it was very detailed.

And in some parts of the reading I found some lines were details obviously taken from my social media there were just other parts added in.

So if you have no social media and they weren't able to connect to you, could be a fake..

If you do have social media it could mean what the other commenter said ...they couldn't connect to you, having a off day etc.

People might criticise the way I did that and disagree.

But if someone's paying money they deserve not to be scammed.

Good reviews doesn't always mean that reader is genuine. Sometimes it can mean they are very 'good' at scamming.

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