Hi there. Found this place from the r/stopspeeding com-info. I am at that point where most wish they could turn back. I need all the advice I can get. So I hope an Xpost is okay.

My reputation is at stake in the company. If there is a promotion opportunity in the future after my attendance issue has been managed and forgotten, they cannot know that I have ever stepped foot into this dark world.

I never want my wife who has never even been in the same room as marijuana, who does not drink, who worked just as hard as I have, to ever know about this dark chapter.

I don't think I'm so bad as to need rehab anyway.(They all say that.) I've stopped for four months by choice before. I'm in a delecate situation where I need to get through withdrawals with as little trouble as possible. After that, I will find support here on Reddit and concentrate on investing.