Drunk people who choose to have sex are victims because they're intoxicated, but drunk people who choose to drive are criminals because they're intoxicated.

Literally no one cries rape just because they can.

So "Jackie" who claimed a frat raped her in UVA felt she was actually raped?

The Columbia "Mattress Girl" who falsely accused her boyfriend of rape felt she was actually raped?

How about the Duke Lacrosse Rape accuser?

I guess Tawana Brawley was actually raped despite all evidence to the contrary.

This woman seems to be able to cry rape just because she can.

What about this woman who claims it can still be rape even if she consents to have sex. . .if she's not enthusiastic enough?

Do you know how shitty people treat rape victims?

No, I don't. Do you. Do you have any first hand evidence that rape victims are treated badly? It seems lately that we treat alleged rape victims with kid gloves, give them 100% benefit of the doubt and even ban men who resemble their rapist from campus.

No one looks at that and goes "oh gee, that looks fun"

No, but some women (especially feminists) primarily identify themselves as victims. They make up false hate crimes and rapes in order to gain sympathy and support from other women. Some women know that that our society is quick to jump to conclusions whenever rape/abuse accusations are made and they use such allegations to punish men who they are angry at. This has played out most recently when an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader called the cops and claimed her boyfriend assaulted her. Lucky for him, he had video evidence of her screaming at and assaulting him.

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