Dutch nightclub De School closes amidst financial troubles and diversity critiques (Dutch)

Because your experience seems to be very off, You think the majority of The Netherlands is racist? Or that there is a kids fest that celebrates black face? First of all Sinterklaas can go sooner then later cause it doesnt benefit society at all. But your perspective, comparing what is going on in The Netherlands or in The U.S is just wrong.

De school closed because their lease didnt got extended and of course covid. And all dutch people that go to de school knows that, that was happening. De Marktkantine is maybe worse than de school cause people get stripsearched like crazy there. Especially when your in a group with multiple men. De school has maybe like 4, 5 people in their staff as well.

And please tell me which echo chamber of my own beliefs? This is still one of the most open countries, where you can do whatever the fuck you want. You aren't backing shit up with facts. Even thinking that Amsterdam is not the same as the rest of the Netherlands.

I mean did you visit Toffler in Rotterdam? Maassilo? Doornroosje in Nijmegen? De Smederij in Tilburg, there are countless techno clubs with equally the same line ups, and probably a team that is mainly white, nobody called them out right? Shall we go on about how Berghain has a weird door policy? Or Tresor? or Kitkat Club?

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