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I see what you mean, yes they do not use mm wave, but they’re still part of allowing 5g to be installed around the world which is still not good.

“5G is a short-range wireless communications technology that has nothing to do with long-distance back-haul transport.

How a 5G provider goes about moving massive amounts of networked data around geographically has nothing to do with 5G. 5G isn't even relevant to how a provider moves data around its own network.

5G is the consumer-facing technology between the access device (computers, cellphones, etc) and the provider's network access points (towers, cells, etc).

So, a 5G provider is going to go with whatever back-haul options make the most sense. Be that their own backbone fiber links, Microwave, Starlink, Level 3, Hurricane Electric, you-name-it, what-have-you.”

Which means in rural areas they could install a mm wave ehf array installed on a telephone pole by the residence. “It will use a flat phased array antenna. A pizza box size dish”.

How do you think the low orbiting satellite dedicated to that diamond ship worked? You know, the one that everyone got “sick” on?

Now, whether starlink is used in conjunction with 5g services in rural areas is irrelevant. Given the fact that 5g is still unsafe, and the majority of people exposed live in urban areas, means people should be raising concern.

It is a FACT that the FCC/FDA did ZERO research on the effects of 5G mm wave tech on human body. (See Sen. Blumenthal commerce hearing 5G)

I’m with science on this one: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-have-no-reason-to-believe-5g-is-safe/

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