Enough carrots — Canada needs to use the stick for COVID anti-vaxxers

I think the stick will do nothing but push people further away from it

I could also see vaccine-hesitant people having an initial negative reaction to measures like vaccine passports, but I also wonder how long that reflexive opposition would last in the face of real consequences and inconveniences for not getting the jab.

After a few weeks of watching your vaccinated friends go to indoor bars, gyms, music venues, movie theatres, etc. while you're stuck at home, are you still holding on to that initial reactive resentment? Or are you starting to question if the cost of missing out on these activities is really worth it for an issue you were supposedly neutral on to begin with?

I'm 100% for positively engaging with vaccine-hesitant people as much as we can, but at a certain point there need to be some consequences for inaction. I think it's far too easy for people to fence-sit indefinitely to avoid making what might be for them a difficult decision, and indefinite fence-sitting is not much different from being full-blown anti-vax when it comes to preventing disease transmission and illness.

Even mild coercive measures like proof of vaccination to attend large festivals and concerts might make a good "shit or get off the pot" prodding stick for people who have been sitting there dicking around on their phone for half a year now.

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