That escalated quickly

I spent a little over a year in Sturtevant medium security prison in Wisconsin for a crime I didn't commit, and it was absolutely fucking awful. Not the lack of freedom, but the treatment. Inhumane. Also starved... you can tell people have been stealing money from the food budget because you don't even get half the food listed on the menu. Like it'll say Tuesday dinner is "meatloaf" green beans, mashed potatoes, and a brownie. But when Tuesday comes you get a tiny slice of meat flavored jello, a TINY portion of hard green beans, and MAYBE a brownie if you're near the front of the line. No mashed potatoes, no adult portions. Plenty of ick.

The result is that everyone's always fighting for food, and the biggest most aggressive prisoners win.

If I were to be accused of a serious crime again, I'd go on the run as long as I could because it's sooooo bad.

My brother Corey got caught for a crime he did do, but was so terrified of going back to prison that when the cops surrounded him, he shot himself in the head.

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