Europe is dangerously unprepared for a world without a US policeman

Maybe, but the people in the ME are often the very same people who suffer for these interventions.

Americans find it annoying when other people use the US as a distraction for their own country's inadequaties, I'm still angry about the "concerned citizens" from other countries who crowed about how the EU would fall, and I don't particularly see the value for a ME resident to listen how most of the destruction the past few years was their fault. I've read some pretty distasteful written pieces of Westerners trying to shift blame from their own government's and they were a stereotypical example of the ignorant, sneering "Westerner".

Especially since many modern issues are demonstrably partly or completely thr fault of many Western countries. It sure wasn't a land of happiness and unicorns, but we sure made it worse.

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