Do you ever want to have kids?

Very much so, in fact I am concerned about the large amount of people that do not want to have biological children. I want to have a family, and I want to raise kids that are biologically ours. Of course there's nothing wrong with adoption, and if we can't have a child through intercourse I would pick adoption. I'm scared that whoever I end up being with will not want to have a child, though. That would be a deal breaker for me. If I go into a relationship and kids aren't on the table, it's not meant to be. Not that the other person is at fault, but they can be with another nice guy who just doesnt want kids. I don't know why I'm rambling. I guess I am just shocked. It seems like the current generation does not desire to have children of their own. Sure, it's gonna be hard and one hell of a time to do, but it gives life meaning, and to me living a life without having kids or grandkids, just working every day for the rest of your life, sounds like a hell of a boring miserable life. But I digress. At the end of the day, it is their choice, not mine. And it would be wrong to say that something is wrong with those who don't want kids. I'm just concerned.

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