Ex-Detroit Red Wings Zamboni driver Al Sobotka fired for peeing into drain

Based on what was said here, I’m 99% sure I know who the commenter is and I can 100% confirm everything they have said.

Additionally, when I worked for Olympia in Ops they fired me for asking a contractor if their pajamas were their “armor for sleep” like the band. Total joke. And this was someone who I had plans with later in the week for their S/O, them and me and my S/O to go out for a night of gambling and drinks. But HR went sideways w it and fired me over the phone because it’s “at will” when in reality it’s in my opinion i was bringing to light many issues within the org.

How ever, what was not mentioned here is that Al and his crew are technically maintenance and they are in a union. I don’t remember which one but they are Union.

I worked under Michael Churchill who recently passed away. But also under Jared Bodary and they were both pricks. I actually knew a month before hand I was gonna be railroaded because the statement jared was gonna make was left on on his desk where he knew I would see it. I still have the photo on my camera roll. The joke is on them though as I already had a job lined up making more money.

And here’s another fact. They pay SHIT. As I was told by 3 different directors and VPs “we keep the money on the ice.” They actually pay less than most teams in the league. The fact that you can make more working in fast food than at the arena should really tell y’all where the loyalty lays.

I have two bits of advice. First. Don’t trust Olympia entertainment OR Olympia Development.

Second. Don’t trust the illitch Fam. Just my personal, educated in the matter, viewpoint.

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