F4A late night. Anything goes

I would love to Rp a scene with you involving an animal. Perhaps a brother and sister age play scene. A good teaser post follows below. If you are not into that, then this teaser should show you that I can do any kind of scene. If you are up for this or dirty chat just let me know.

It seemed like ages in the sweltering heat as I walked home. The stress from the day at school only building as I wiped the glistening sweat from brow, though the sight of home was more than welcoming. I wondered what she was up to, as I had heard she went home early, instantly jealous of the fact she could goof off while I attended the days classes, that curiosity only driven higher as I walked into a quiet house though a muffled rattle could be heard from her room in the back. Smirking wondering if she was once again watching porn while getting off with her slim digits like the last time she had pulled such a stunt, though that smirk faded into a dropping jaw as I barged into her room and was met with the vision of her rounded heart shaped ass lifted in the air, while those swollen outer folds were suckling lewdly and stretched thin around our mastiff,'d cock. Its tail drapped over her arched back while it moaned in beastial tones. She was far to lost in the pleasure of the swelling bulb that continued to throb, it's angrily red tapered tip sealed against her womb's door and suddenly his sacs began to lift and spasm. Each spasm would send a jet of hot seed to spray out into molten depths, the once subtle swell of her bare mons bulged lewdly with the nearly cunt rupturing knot that was mired in sprawling blue veins. Her once hidden cleft of bundled nerves now stood out from its hood whorishly while the beasts sacs rubbed against it with every blast of beast cum. Those thinly stretched lips sucked upon the backside of its knot while jets of overflowing cum would squirt as her womb was already filled to the brim.

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