[F4M] Stuck...

You have been struggling for almost half an hour now and I can't deny that I enjoy watching you. I've woken up to what was supposed to be a quiet day and now it seems as if it might get interesting after all. The sun was barely visible on the horizon when I saw you coming home. Obviously, you had lost your keys while you were out the whole night. I smiled to myself when you tried to crawl through the doggy door and got stuck. I had seen you a couple of times since I moved here a few weeks ago. I had carefully tried to steal glances at you while trying to not get caught staring, but my caution was unnecessary. A hot 18 year old girl didn't have eyes for someone in his early thirties anyways.

Your room is across mine and I have tried to sneak, but until this day I haven't been successful. But that doesn't matter any more. Now your gorgeous teenage ass has been on display to me and watching you has formed a small bulge in my pants already. I decide that it is time to see what I can do for you and get up from my desk. After opening the small gate surrounding your parent's house, I approache you slowly, taking in your wiggling ass, savoring every step I get closer to you.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" I hear your muffled voice coming from inside. "Could you please help me? I am stuck."

Without answering, I kneel down next to you, my face now only inches away from you. I let my fingertips glide along the socks until I reach the bare flesh of your thighs. You try to move away but the range in which you can turn your body is not very large.

"What are you doing?" I hear your voice again, but again, I choose to ignore you. My fingertips move along your thighs in circles, carefully pushing up the skirt to reaveal your fantastic ass. Something in my cock tingles when I slowly trace the seam of your panties. I move my hands to the inside of your thighs and you press your legs together, trying to stop me from touching you.

Patiently, I wait for a couple of moments and eventually you loosen up again. The moment I start to run my hands along the inside of your thighs, you push them together again. "What are you doing?" I hear your voice again. "Stop that, now!"

I pull my hands out from between your legs and start rubbing your butt cheeks, holding you tight when you try to move away.

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