Fair evaluation?

This really sounds like a personal issue with you that you should get a handle on. You can't be crying during evaluation meetings, it's super unprofessional.

The feedback where I am sitting doesn't sound that unfair, something like yrd/yd is not an unimportant mistake. The hundredths/thousandths can happen to anyone but you said there were three more. It's an evaluation, if you are saying five things wrong, then that will be evaluated.

It sounds like you were somewhat combative with the evaluator in asking how many mistakes you are allowed to make.

You are never going to agree with you evaluation 100% and there is always context that is important that they are going to miss. But more often than not there is a shred of truth to what they are witnessing in the classroom. It's not a perfect way of judging your teaching but it is the way that is used more often, and if you are going to succeed in this profession you need to find a better way of dealing with these situations.

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