Fan takes out Drone with roll of Toilet paper

Your argument is that people can fly without a permit or license, so we should assume this must be some random jackass and he's endangering people by flying over them so his drone should get knocked out of the sky and fall down.

I no where said "his drone should get knocked out of the sky". In fact, I agreed with the person I initially replied to who stated "Way to cause property damage and endanger people below." And the first thing I said in my reply was "I agree". So no I never said the drone should have been kncoked down. It was dangerous and irresponsible. That doesn't mean the operator wasn't taking an unnecessary risk.

we are talking about FAA rules

No "we" are not. Anyone can go back and see I wrote "Safety Guidelines". FAA Rules and Safety Guidelines are two different things. Rules you must follow. Safety Guidelines are strong recommendations of things you should or shouldn't do. I've said this already, but you can't read. I doubt your reading comprehension has improved enough for you to grasp this yet.

I didn't misunderstand anything

Of course you misunderstood. I pointed out how you misunderstood. Again you've demonstrated your misinterpretation of what I said. Right there you stated "we are talking about FAA rules" and anyone can see that I stated "Safety Guidelines" and I explained what is different between a Rule and a Safety Guideline. You went on about permitting and what you are allowed and not allowed to do. There are lots of things that the FAA doesn't specifically disallow in rules, but you are still encouraged to avoid under Safety Guidelines.

that person has all right to be flying over people's heads

I never said they were not allowed to fly over their heads. I stated they shouldn't according to FAA Safety Guidelines. I could see how I wasn't clear initially in this, but my followup reply made it very clear I was referring to a Safety Guideline, and they are recommendations for all operators. You might have a permit to do something, that doesn't mean you shouldn't assess the safety of doing it and strongly consider the Safety Guidelines. Safety Guidelines are strong recommendations to be followed whenever possible by EVERYONE. They outline things all operators should/shouldn't do, which is not as strict as a rule. They are not binding nor enforceable, but they outline anyone who doesn't follow them is doing so at a risk.

A permit isn't meant as an apology for people that get hit

Having a permit doesn't eliminate risk. Permit gives you permission to do something, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't assess risk and consider Safety Guidelines as a recommendation. That was the point I was making in the little jab I made, which you somehow thought was a literal statement of fact?

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