I feel like I cheated but I didn't

nah. you earned that acceptance because you deserved it, not because of any label you put on yourself. URMs aren’t “stealing” spots, & i’ve never quite seen it that way. maybe this is just because im a URM myself & im biased, but i think just because we’re recognized & given opportunities at universities, doesnt necessarily mean the AOs are taking pity on us and our struggles. the one time a rich white/asian kid who interned at a fortune 100 company, started a nonprofit, and did research just like almost every other student with access to these resources, doesnt get in but instead an URM with a much more humble upbringing and strong work ethic gets that spot, it doesnt mean we “stole” anything from anyone. we usually have to work twice as hard in school to even get ahead and set ourselves apart, so i think we should really break this mentality of minorities ONLY getting accepted because of their racial/socioeconomic background. we worked for it the same way everyone else did, and whether you partially or fully identify with a race/ethinicity thats still apart of who you are and you shouldnt feel ashamed for identifying with it. nothing was handed to you because of that, in my opinion

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