David Cross: Why America Sucks at Everything [12:48]

This is true in very limited circumstances, and as is covered in the video you are debating, in many instances the system is so convoluted that many who are eligible don’t use it.

... Like every public health care system in the world. Can we optimize? Sure. Why are we pretending like it's

You know that’s a tiny number, right? Like .001% small.

Again, it's more than the number going the other way. And again, my point is that if the US health care system was so terrible then nobody should be coming here, right? You're being intentionally obtuse.

It’s a long wait in the US also. Literally the same as the places with government provided healthcare

That was my point. But for high end health care the wait is typically shorter in the US. It's why people come here for healthcare.

No one is claiming that the best of the best aren’t in the US. The claim is that the median level of care is surprisingly low for how wealthy the country is and how much the average American pays in taxes/in medical expenses.

It's not as low as people meme about. There are a number of hospitals that are strictly corrupt and have a considerable amount of shaddy dealings going. This is a known problem. Outside of those, healthcare in the US is fine.

One final note, my assumption is that you’re a shill for insurance companies who is paid to spread this foolishness everywhere you see a post about the inefficiency, heartlessness, greed, and overall incompetence of the American healthcare system.

Yes. Everyone who disagrees with you is a shill, because you couldn't imagine someone legitimately having a different perspective than you, right?

And I could just as easily accuse you of shilling for someone to shit on the US without a real or honest perspective on what you're talking about.

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