Is there a way to get a Therapy Dog or Therapy Pet in the UK? If not, I could use advice on dogs?

Sadly dogs that support people with mental health issues are not recognised in the UK as therapy dogs. This means that your dog won't have the same legal rights as a service, guide, or medical assistance dog. There's also no ADUK accredited charities to train dogs for people with mental health issues.

That said, getting a dog and bonding with it will still offer you a lot of positive therapy and can really benefit your health. They're really special animals. I honestly can't imagine life without my dog.

You want to research hypoallergenic breeds. Poodles are hypoallergenic, so people often opt for cockapoos and labradoodles, etc. Costs include insurance (this gets more expensive as the dog gets older), food, yearly vet check-ups, potentially regular grooming, and eventually a broken heart.

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