Why do I feel real and honest when I am drunk, but not anytime else?

Lowers inhibitions and brings your subconscious to focus. I used to dissociate really bad. I was in a really abusive relationship and didn't know it because I was always taught not to trust myself if I thought I was being treated badly.

My real feelings would come out when I was drunk. The next day I would swear they weren't my real feelings. I really didn't believe that I hated him deep down. Buut now I'm figuring my shit out, and I don't need to be drunk to figure out what I'm really thinking. Turns out, I hated that man for years. Lol. I never thought the saying "drunk words are sober thoughts" applied to me. But it definitely does. Pay attention to what exactly it is that you like better about your drunk self. It can tell you a lot.

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