Fellow MVP candidate Anthony Davis endorses James Harden as the MVP.

I don't understand how the fuck it is irrational??? I think its irrational not to give it JH.

MVP should be most valuable player on A GOOD TEAM (any playoff team, maybe event op 3 seed). Look at the hawks, they have no clear cut MVP so if the warriors were the same way no one would bat an eye if ti were given to Harden.

But because Curry is the new LeBron/Kobe in attracting fans and band wagoners everyone goes nuts over something like that.

James Harden took a team that wouldn't even sniff the fucking playoffs and took them to a potential 2nd seed in a STACKED WEST. THAT SCREAMS M-Mother V Fucking P.

I heard someone say that Curry takes a decent-good team to a historic one somewhere here on r/nba. I never in my life have heard a bigger load of fucking crap. You think Curry is more talented then LeBron/JH??? No fucking way. Yea you may not replicate the chemistry but that team might even be better you replace curry with LeBron. And ya'll forget Steve Kerr... You forget how much Draymond Green, Klay improved... Curry is great, and will be an MVP one day I wouldn't doubt it. But this is JH's year. Because Curry's team is damn good without him and with another PG. MVP to me is basically "no one can replace this guy" but his team is so damn good that I think more then one player could replace Curry and still be a #1 seed in the West. (CP3, LeBron, JH) to name a few.

We know Kevin Mchale isn't the coach Kerr is either, heck people were calling for him to get fired last year. So its not the team, its not the coaching its not the fact he is in the east. Then what is it? Its James Harden. That dude is MVP.

There is a reason no one talks about the warriors as much, because you're acting like Curry is the factor like he is a irreplacable god. He just isn't, his team improved individually. Coaching improved drastically. If I were to put CP3 at PG (specially the way hes playing) I would bet my student loans that they would still be #1 seed and not any worst. Same goes with LeBron and JH. Curry's time will come very likely. But I am going to give credit to the guy who basically did it alone.

Historic record or not there is no proof Curry is the biggest reason behind that record. Infact I would bet he is not the main reason at all. One of the many sure, but not the ONE sole reason.

Please down vote me Curry fans.

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