Finally. First impressions of Arya vs Ananda.


The bass is better. It has that seismic effect that it's less about hearing and more about feeling it. So far I've only experienced it with M1070 and Thieaudio Phantom. It still doesn't have that initial impulse/attack like Phantom, but it's a nice improvement over Ananda. So the bass feels more dynamic and deep.

It made me think about the soundstage and imaging and this is how I would describe it. The soundstage to me is that speaker-like experience when headphones sound more like speakers. That illusion that sound is coming from outside. And this is where it's about the same as Ananda. Imaging to me is how those specific sounds feel when they move around. When sounds are near the center, I would say Arya feels actually even narrower than Ananda. It's a little more focused and more distant. But when sounds move around, it feels wider and more spacious. So yes. Arya is wider than Ananda. At least with this logic. Their imaging reminds me of R70X. It's probably even better. Headphones with large soundstage have usually more diffused imaging so I find it pretty spectacular that Arya has similar soundstage to Ananda and similar imaging to R70X.

I think I still prefer Ananda for vocals or Rock/Metal. Arya is simply too bright which makes vocals sound a bit thin and there is also that whistling effect in the background every now and then. So it also doesn't work well with treble-chaotic music like Rock/Metal. And also certain instruments like triangles for example. It can get quite piercing. Ananda has a better balance between midrange and treble so it feels more neutral and relaxed. But I also find the midrange more natural on Arya. Ananda's midrange is a bit boomy so it feels kind of U-shaped, like DT880. Arya feels more linear in the midrange. At least my specific unit.

So far the most fun I had was listening to OST/orchestral music. I was just smiling like an idiot. It's magical. It's also very impressive for immersion in gaming. It's very atmospheric. Explosive sounds are snappy, airy, and very spacious. It also works great for certain recordings with distorted midrange like the movie "Moneyball". Most bright headphones are also peaky so it makes them sibilant but Arya works great for that.

Sry for the long post.

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