First day of school at an African high school

User "ignore_my_bullshit" has got nothing left in their little bugman brain to draw upon a conclusion that could actually refute the true nature of these swarthy people in the video.

Instead, now all he is doing is highlighting our Reddit usernames when we reply with something his whitebread, gentrified, cordoned off, walled in, deed restricted, homeowners association sanctioned, bought and paid for with the blood of white men who look nothing like the savages in the original video, plug and play, pumpkin spice, but I have black friends too, I check my privilege "tho," okay this is epic sentiments cannot accept, no matter how bad the severity of cognitive dissonance.

The people who come from these places do not and never will fully integrate or be able to fully share the values and culture of European, western ways of life. Full stop.

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