to help a neighbor out

I’m not a kid I’m a grown adult and I do have a ill grandmother who suffers from dementia so yes I fucking understand exactly the ups and downs of the illness does to a person, but I have never heard anyone blame racism on dementia that is ridiculous. You don’t know me and have no right to say I hope anything. My grandmother isn’t a racist though she never dehumanized another person because of their skin color. This is usually the result of a person who grew up oppressed and brainwashed and was racist in their earlier years and now it’s more vocal about it because they are being filmed and probably embarrassed they got caught may even be struggling with some form of mental illness that’s a possibility. It’s still not a excuse to act this way and if it’s this bad maybe someone should be watching her and taking care of her so she can’t harm a innocent persons life either. If you understand and see the whole picture then you would understand why a black person would be offended as they should if the cops are being called on them for no reason especially with the police brutality that was going around. I’m not even black or a minority I’m as white as can be grew up in a fairly all white neighborhood. I guess im grateful for not growing up sheltered and yes I have been around racist people and I can’t stand being around people like that. I learned from a early age to never be cruel and inhumane to anyone.

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