Fortitude S01E06 Episode Discussion

See, here's the thing. If it is a virus from the mammoth... the virus appears to have a motive.

As both Stoddart and the doctor pissed the governor off royally just before they died. The governor left the island juuuuuuust as the doctor was getting killed. She'll be gone before that body's discovered, anyway. Timing it when all the cops and Markus are out at a party is either an amazing coincidence or serious planning.

That said, the doctor's death - it could be that it was just the first person Shirley came across. But Liam literally walked half way across an island to kill Stoddart. If it was random violence caused by the 'virus', then why not just kill his father or mother? They were nearer.

There's either a very big pile of coincidences here, or this virus might not be a straightforward (if it could ever be described as that) 'biological shit in a mammoth defrosts and causes utter crazy'.

So. I'm wondering. Someone last thread mentioned the mammoth maybe being a similar thing to what Henry's getting made (I do not trust myself with the Inuit name for it. I'll spell the thing wrong). If it is, what if it's one created to protect the governor? Which gets unsuspecting folk to do it's business through a 'virus' of sorts. Idk.

Other things: I think maybe the shot of Markus being interviewed might be a red herring. He gets home, discovers dead body, is probably drunk, is a general creeper, he's gonna get arrested as a formality.

FLIES!!!! did anyone else see the flies on the window as Ronnie drove off from the Russian town? HOW DO FLIES LIVE AT THAT TEMPERATURE? There's something shady in that.

Petra. I want Petra in my life. Just to hang out with.

And Dan... sometimes he strikes me as dark, but more and more he just strikes me as someone who tried to naively cover up for a bunch of people he cared about and made an utter mess of it, and now has no idea how to cover up for his covering up.

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