Get me out, please

Right, there's no way this person is 29, unless they didn't mature past 12. With trauma, I guess that's possible, especially if something has happened to her that makes her want to sleep with her cousin. It's said that people who experienced trauma, such as sexual assault, basically stops their maturity level at whatever age it happened. That doesn't excuse her though.

This part is not for you, but for her:

Almost thirty years old, read it girl, thirty. And you want to mess with a married man? A married man with a wife who is about to bring life into this world. Man, you're gonna fuck that kid up for life and if by some reason you end up with him, that kid is going to hate and resent you for destroying their family when they get old enough to understand. I did. To this day, some 20+ years later, I still can't be polite to the bitch who took my step dad. I waited tables for a brief stint, and she came in all, "oh hi sweetie, how are you?" I didn't want to lose my job but I almost did that day. Fuck people like that. And you know what, fuck you too. Here's your harsh words, you stupid, home wrecking cunt.

If he wants to cheat, and he will, believe you me, he will, that's on him. Do not be part of that nonsense. You don't need the drama, no matter how much you crave it, and you don't need to ruin people's lives. Get a vibrator, if you're so thirsty. Damn.

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