If someone gave you a box that contained everything you have lost in your life. What is the first thing you would search for?

A teddy bear given to me by my biological father before I was adopted from foster care at 5. My parents also adopted my brother when I was ten and I got upset when he was 3 because he wanted it and my adopted mom asked why. I told her and it disappeared when I was at school the next day. She’s very big on us not acknowledging that she is not our birth mother (we have different bio parents except me and my older sister who I share a birth mother with) even though we are 45, 43 and 33. That is the only tangible thing I had from him as he was institutionalized most of my early life and my birth mother lost me at 6 months from burning my feet and back with cigarettes and only giving me kool aid in my bottle. After a really bad Easter experience when I was 3 I finally never had to see her again but I still wonder about my birth father.

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