Friday Rants

Rant 1: Lost a great uncle this week, which has me somewhat down. But I am more down about my grandfather.

Rant 2: This has been hell of a week, besides the aforementioned I had a lot of familial drama throughout the week which is always draining. I am a big family man, and live a few minutes from my grandparents and like 15 from my dad. It is always nice to be made to felt like a failure. Yet, I help my grandparents out considerably (am there almost every weekday afternoon for a few hours after work, and several hours on both saturday and sunday). Just very frustrating and bringing me down.

Rave 1: I had been fleeing bad about my relationship with the SGF, however, thanks to some encouragement from a member / friend here, I was open and honest about my feelings and we've worked things out and are planning on being more transparent. So a rant turned to rave! :)

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