Funny snippet of text I saw in reading a best practices article

Our frontend programmer wrote a JS client on top of our API (that had been developed for something else).

List of organizations -- not sorted alphabetically, because the API can't do that. Of course you can do it in JS easily, but he doesn't want to code that.

List of things you can delete -- can only be deleted individually in the API, so that's what he supports. The original design had checkboxes with which you could mark things for deletion, it could have been done with a bunch of requests, but he didn't want to do that.

Some communication between code running on a page and code running in an iframe on it might be possible, who knows -- but he doesn't want to do that.

And he's absolutely correct in all cases. Was enlightening to me, I write too much just to do what the spec says, but everything becomes a mess of irrelevant code, exceptions, and far too many complications, just because I can.

This quote doesn't belong in this sub.

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