It's funny that this sub is branded as a bunch of angry white guys

I'm not an incel nor an Afghan (Paki) but I feel the same way as you do.

Thanks to my similar upbringing until I was 21 I had a fear of women and even worse I tended to view getting intimate as something wrong (the first time I kissed a girl I went home and washed my tongue with soap haha)

There's not really any advice I can hope to give you apart from putting yourself out there. The more cute girls you interact with the better. It doesn't matter if you're not getting your dick wet repeated exposure should numb your fear.

And tbh I don't think looks are as important as incels think but it was a bit important for me to leave 'inceldom' and become a normal person a few years ago as my social skills around women were horrible but I was (apparently) attractive enough to compensate for it which made me look 'cute'.

Have you ever thought about joining any meetups?

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