This game is dope. I really am enjoying this game and loving the various things we are able to do in the game.

i dOn't kNoW AbOuT YoU GuYs bUt i rEaLlY Am eNjOyInG ThE GaMe aT ThE MoMeNt. I HaVe yEt tO EnCoUnTeR SuCh a gAmE ThAt hAs a dEeP StOrY LiNe.. cOoL GrApHiCs.. aWeSoMe pVp bAtTlEs.. tHiS GaMe iS LiTeRaLlY An aAa+ GaMe cOmPaReD To tHe oThEr gAmEs iN AnDrOiD PlAy sToRe rIgHt nOw.

aS A F2P PlAyEr, I CaN SeE ThAt mOsT Of tHe tHiNgS In tHe gAmE ArE FaRm-aBlE AnD Is gReAt fOr cAsUaL GaMe pLaY. i kNoW ThErE ArE SeRiOuS PlAyErS OuT ThErE WhO WaNtS To bE ThE BeSt aNd cOmPlAiNs aBoUt wHaLeRs dOmInAtInG ThE ArEnA AnD RaNkInG... bUt... If pEoPlE AcTuAlLy eNjOy cAtChInG HoRsEs aNd bReEdInG ThEm tO TiEr-5 (LiKe mE) aNd dOiNg aDvEnTuReS At tHe sAmE TiMe... ThIs gAmE Is tOtAlLy dOpE (i'm gOnNa bE A HoRsIe tRaDeR In tHiS GaMe, JuSt yOu gUyS WaIt!).

i jUsT WaNnA ThAnK ThE DeVs fOr bRiNgInG ThIs gAmE To mObIlE AnD HoPe tO SeE ThE GaMe bE CoNtInUoUsLy uPdAtEd iN YeArS To cOmE. kEeP Up tHe gReAt wOrK YoU GuYs hAvE BeEn dOiNg tHrOuGh aLl tHeSe yEaRs!!

BtW, tO NeW PlAyErS WhO WaNtS To jOiN A CaSuAl gUiLd.. kInDlY ApPlY To:

gUiLd nAmE: bAlAbAk rEgIoN: aSiA SeRvEr: CaLpHeOn

AnD LeT'S GrOw tOgEtHeR In tHe gAmE! sEe yOu aRoUnD FaRmInG OgReS Or iMpS :)

perfect for my copy pasta meme

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