My boyfriend is mad at me and wants to break up with me because I made a mistake !

I commented earlier - but I thought of a few things to add:

Op, you’ve naively given your password to a man you’ve never met. There may be other shady stuff going on from his end bc you’re too snowed over and blinded to see him for who we all see him to be. A serious control freak.

Please do the following or think about these:

1) He’s reading your private conversations you have with other people. Do you know that’s such a shit thing to do to your friends?!? Your friends text you, not him, in private expecting to be talking to YOU and YOU alone, yet you’ve given your bf free range to your phone and I dunno what else. You’re breaking trust with your friends - for what? To keep some crazed man happy? Look, That’s pretty shitty of YOU to do to them. If I found out all my text messages and conversations I had with a close friend were vetted by their partner, I would be soooo pissed bc of the massive break in trust. I would likely ghost them, on the spot and tell everyone you’re NOT to be trusted and why. It really is a very shitty thing to do to your supposed friends.

2) Pease go and check your credit report NOW! Go to each of the three credit bureaus and look over your credit history very carefully. You get 1 free credit report per year. Use it. This man is likely also committing fraud under your name. Wouldn’t surprise me. Sign up for credit karma, it’s free and keep tabs on your credit report.

3) As a precaution, Freeze your credit report - NOW! It’s super simple to do. Just request it. No one can make any purchases using your name. Look, OP, You’re dating a seriously pathological control freak, it’s just a matter of time he will venture into your line of credit too.

4) Change all passwords to all of your accounts - like yesterday. He has ZERO business reading your stuff and you have zero business fucking over your friends like that. Awful. He will have a problem with this and accuse you of cheating, having something to hide - the works. But stand firm, you ARE allowed your privacy. And he NEEDS to respect that and your autonomy. If not, holy hell, run screaming for the hills and never look back. You deserve respect. Not to be so easily manipulated. He does these things bc he loves you. Jesus. What a shit line and you’re so naively falling for it.

5) Please, for the love of god, break up with this scum bag before he starts to abuse you further. You’ve been abused enough. Time to heal, set STRONG boundaries for yourself and learn to use the full sentence “NO” when anyone asks you to hand over private information like that.

Does he have your personal information too? DOB? SSN? Address?!?! Jesus, OP. You’re in a very scary situation.

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