Gencyn: "6 year olds aren't capable of knowing the names of their genitals, but they are capable of knowing if they have the wrong ones and are trans!"

Jfc, do any of you people even read the studies you post? First of all we're talking about children young enough to not understand the name of their own genitals. The study that you posted is in regards to Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. In case you didn't know, Rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) describes a phenomenon where the development of gender dysphoria is observed to begin suddenly, during or after puberty in an adolescent or young adult who would not have met criteria for gender dysphoria in childhood.

So right away your study isn't even relevant to the topic at hand. But let's pick it apart anyways shall we?


Recruitment information with a link to a 90-question survey, consisting of multiple-choice, Likert-type and open-ended questions, was placed on three websites where parents had reported rapid onsets of gender dysphoria.

Data were collected anonymously via SurveyMonkey

There were 256 parent-completed surveys that met study criteria.

The adolescent and young adult (AYA) children described were predominantly female sex at birth (82.8%)

A study, completed by the parents who may or may not even be supportive of their child so already the sample is biased, of 90 questions where most of them you have to choose between pre-selected answers that are provided for you, via online serveys ffs, regarding 82% female-at-birth individuals even though in the real world the majority of transgender people are mtf. Nevermind the fact that Brown University recently censored this study, worried that findings might 'invalidate the perspectives' of transgender community (which is what you're trying to do right now btw, do good on them), or the literal petitions request in the study to be redone because it was done so sloppily.

But all this doesn't even matter by the way, because like I said the study you posted is in regard to ROGD, in the discussion in this thread is in regard to very very young children.

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