The Ghost of What's in a Name? and the people of Reddit vs /u/AveragelyGreat for MFingDecepticon.GIF, LiarLiarPantsonFire and Grand Theft Auto V

Your honor /u/VivaMathematica, I forgot to mention this very important flaw with the defenses points

All I see is that the said deleted comment has nothing to do with steal or repost. It's a comment that was funny, simple, not harming anyone. What's the matter with it? My client doesn't remember why he deleted it, but he doesn't need to because the comment is irrelevant to the case.

and the other piece of information

Nothing proves that the deleted comments were from the defendant.

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His point that none of the deleted comments are actually proven that it was his defendant is now proven unintentionally by the defense itself, proving all the evidence that the defense kept on saying was not true and kept on turning down. there are even more examples of this, irony and disapproving his own theories on the actual events, but the prosecution will not add it for the sake of the judge. As I mentioned before the defense cannot keep their story straight, this proves all the evidence that the defense kept on dismissing.

The only other pieces of evidence other then the defendant admitted guilt is the actual post and original post on twitter which is fact legitimate evidence for:

  • showing the actual events such as the alleged re-post

  • the original post

The confession can and IS being debated, but again this is not the only thing that the prosecution is riding with. If the defense cannot fully understand their argument means, why should you even believe it?

And to mention the first comment, /u/Kikool42 is somewhat right in saying that the defense that it is not DIRECTLY related but it is indirectly. This proves the point the prosecution has been making all along that the defendant did make the comment, if so why did he delete it? They were having fun and making jokes. The only viable option here considering all the evidence is THE DEFENDANT STOLE IT.

You must trust the facts your honor, the defense HAS been proven wrong and if this is not right, why should you believe anything else that the defense has to say?

Please add this to my closing argument

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