People born after 1975 but before 1990, what do you hate about people born before 1975 and after 1990?

no you dont get it...I was unqualified to do those things...I wasnt working for wages...I was literally walking up to peoples house and asking them if I could paint their house for them....sometimes in exchange for a place to stay and a few meals. I dug ditches. I laid fence posts. I worked a gold mine in california. I lived on a couple of artist communes building geodesic domes and tilapia ponds.

I am a long haired half native half sephardi who spent most of his life in the deep south. The town I grew up in was 80% black but the klan still passed out papers in full robes on the street corner by the white church. I was unemployable in my community by the sheer fact of my color not being enough one way or the other. I am a high school dropout....when I went to jail my mental health issues prevented me from finishing 20 I got my ged and went to college....but ended up with babies instead of a diploma.

I take full responsibility for my life...and I enjoy my life...despite some romantic issues...I really was just making a joke about not getting to lose 20 years....which if you were 40...would be funny to you.

I really dont get why you seem to be drawn to me...I am completely self made...Ive worked hard my whole life. Ive never had a single thing handed to me. Ive carried every weight life has offered without buckling. Im sorry if my math did not meet your approval on that other thread....but even if I had realized my MINOR mistake of net/gross....Id have adjusted the numbers slightly and stuck to my statement....because whether you or I think that the standard of living set by poverty level is reasonable or not, it is the standard and the person whose statement caused me to make my post was still incorrect...even if Id adjusted the figures.

But this idea I am somehow antiworker antitradesmen is just wrong misplaced and completely unwarranted. Like pretty much everything youve said to me. All because my maths made you sad :(

My daughters are about to graduate high school. They have earned scholarships at their university of choice. They have chosen to defer admission for a year....
They both want something they can know how to do no matter what else happens. One is going through cosmetology the other automech. But they plan on twin swapping their way through both programs.
Over the past 16 years of raising them...Ive been putting myself through a self guided tradeschool picking up skills and abilities from various jobs and projects I get involved with. I have to...essentially...I am an unlicensed non degree holding engineer....not that I would ever claim that to a client or under an account tied to me significantly. I prefer to play my work as being more conceptual abstraction of mechanical systems....My clients often have my designs altered by ACTUAL engineers before going into production...and I learn quite a bit seeing the changes they feel are needed.

I spent my morning welding. I have some waterjet parts to pick up after lunch. And Im really hoping to get a return call from an Israeli company Im trying to establish relations with. But Ill either spend my evening designing a hydraulic routing block for one of my clients, or making an engagement ring that Ive been putting off for a week because im not in the mood to cast.

I live in jumpsuits and scrubs 80% of my life...Im not a suit...but I have to be at times....or I would just be someone elses employee...and I have no intention of ever putting myself under someone else that way again. I work WITH people...I dont work FOR them. Thats my prerogative....and maybe its that mindset that Ive always looked for work, not a job, not a makes things different for me...its not that Im rich...I swear Im not. Its not that Im lucky...or had some break. I have failed at so many things...I just dont care. Failure is my best lesson. the things that come easy to me bore me.

If you dug into my postings...and looked beyond matters of economics that you are frankly a bit to enraged by for us ever to find would have found that other than using reddit as a personal journal/therapy session to work out my romantic issues...

Im an education reformist...
I strongly support votech programs....I think most people should take a trade after high school and before moving on to university studies.

Youd also find that I supplement my income, and find sculptural supplies dumpsterdiving

And what you wont find much of is mention of the nature of the my 501c that comes up in my postings in /r/entrepreneur and /r/freelance But since you seem to be on the final defense...Ill raise my daughters on around $50k this year...Its march and Ive already sunk $15k of my fees into a program that works to teach cad/cam skills to single parents.

So I dont know who you think you are fighting with...but so many of your statements fall right in line with my own just start in such a defensive place...and assume so much about the differences between us...that you really have missed the mark.

Now I know youll want to respond to this...but please lets try to keep it brief...Its not that i reject you because I dont want to be confronted with the truth...its that I really do not believe that YOUR truth is at all applicable to MY reality. And perhaps the reverse is true. Im 40, at 25 I thought I knew more than everyone, and I am sure at 60, I will look at myself today as I look at you....irrelevant and over sure. So I hope my self actualization is sufficient that you can drop your attempts to educate/reform/annoy me.

I really do not care....
My life is far to full to bother further.

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