Girls, If You're Physically Unavailable I'm Emotionally Unavailable

Yeah i read through your post again. Lets just say i am a 7. I thought i was a 7, and i am good at rating random people on the net, like the one on a Chateau Heartiste survey page. I tend to underestimate my worth tho - at work, in my personal life... Everyone rates me higher than myself, but maybe as you say, they are being nice.

Thanks for writing to me and trying to help. I thought your frustration at me was funny. I am sorry to exasperate you. I can read your emotions in your words.

Ok so rejecting guys who say their preferences dont match me is not a good thing to do then. I'll consider them. Tbh, some were really good in terms of SMV, but i regretfully turned them down because it seemed like they didnt know what they want. I also think guys like this are messaging every girl who looks good and not reading their profile, and using the strategy of dating by numbers. The more they message, the greater the chance of success. So of course, i wasnt very happy getting approached by guys who were incompatible with me as i thought that they did not pay attention and read my profile properly but were just playing the numbers game.

My foster dad didnt tell me that i shouldnt do this. :/ He's been helping me so i dont get played, but he doesnt offer his opinion unless it's of dire importance. I guess it's cause he's got too much going on to micro manage the stuff i am going through, and i am too easily influenced and he doesnt want to hurt my feelings.

I dont have the time and ability to reply to every guy who might be suitable to me tho. I am very introverted. Talking to many people is exhausting. There's about 10 i am currently talking to. I have trouble remembering what they've told me, and even time to write to them. I write letters/pages each time, and they do the same. Should i write less? Should i batch process guys at a time? Or just be selective of who i talk to?

Did you want my details for something?

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