Giving a bad driver the thumbs down instead of flipping them off is much more devastating

I’ve been doing this for a few months now after someone had mentioned it on Reddit and the most memorable overreaction was one girl who was weaving through traffic on a busy freeway, got stuck next to me, and tried to simply change lanes into me to see if I’d back off and let her by. I didn’t and she was trapped in her lane, but she got sooo close to hitting me before going back into her lane.

So I rolled down the window and hit her with a thumbs down.

Whew well she did not like that one bit, slammed on her breaks and cut off the car behind me to cut into my lane, then over another. So now she’s on my right and cutting off any car to get ahead of me on the right side and somehow does.. so yeah, I got a middle finger in return.

I was laughing the entire time. 10/10 drive to work.

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