GM's Confirmed

Okay! Change of plans. We will be converting the LHL to an IPHL format. Players will form their own teams. It will be the players choice which team they get to play on and they'll be able to change teams whenever they'd like as long as it is before the transfer window closes. Tournaments will be held on a seasonal basis and will be planned behind the scenes with no community feedback whatsoever. These tournaments will not have play-offs, and the winner will receive the Three Pronger Cup. Have no fear we will make a second place trophy as well. Hopefully this will make everyone happier. /s (maybe)

On a more serious note, please understand it is impossible to please everyone. That's just not something that will happen. Obviously several of you are not happy with the appointment of Gabe as a General Manager. I've yet to see any valid arguments against that other than "Gabe is an asshole." It is critical that a GM is able to maintain a healthy relationship with his players. Just because Gabe has had some poor previous experiences doesn't mean we should automatically rule him out as a candidate for a GM. If that were the case we could have ruled several of you out much quicker. Gabe has proven he can actually be pleasant to be around. We are confident Gabe will be able to maintain his team well. I'm not going to go around and explain to all of you why people weren't picked as GMs. That would only cause more controversy. I think everyone should slow down and give Gabe a chance. Gabe hasn't committed unforgivable crimes. He got into some arguments with people, just as many of you have at some point. This decision isn't league breaking. Many of you are jumping to conclusions, I believe everyone should slow down, relax, and give Gabe a chance.

Literally the worst possible scenario is Gabe doesn't keep his cool and his team has internal problems that could only be fixed by evicting him. If we have to do that we will. That applies to all GMs.

If you weren't selected as GM and you are taking it personally I suggest you take a step back and grow up. This wasn't a decision we made on the fly. We've been talking about this for a couple weeks and compiled a list of pros and cons for each applicant. We didn't make any decisions based on our personal opinion of the players personality. We took their general attitude and behavior into account, but that was not a major quality we were looking to far into. Having a drive to win, being an active member of the community (meaning regularly being on Teamspeak, contributing to discussions in a mature manner, attending community meanings, etc. Simply playing pub games and talking to people there will not suffice), and displaying the intelligence to put together a capable team.

I do apologize to those not selected, but none of this was meant to be personal. If you would like to discuss this with me any further please do so via Private Messages. I will be more than happy to discuss any issues you may have, I would prefer to do it behind closed doors however so we will be able to speak freely. Thanks for taking the time to read, and best of luck in the draft and the upcoming season.

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