Why is God referred to as "He"?

In the bible there is never a place where angels appear as females. Scholars feel this means we are all male in spiritual bodies, but females were created for this earth age so we could be born into it. The fallen angels of Gen. 6 slept with women and giants were born, and if not stopped by Noah's sons' pure pedigree (and the flood killing off the mixers) then Jesus could not have been born in pure lineage and no one would be saved. Also, Sophie, or wisdom, was said to be with God in the beginning. She is always described in a feminine sense. Finally, spiritually we are all either the bride of Christ or the bride of Satan. If you choose Satan and go to be spiritually with him, being unfaithful to your maker, then you are impregnated with the mark of the beast and no longer a spiritual virgin.

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