Witches are winning the battle against this guy!

Koetting is F'd. That woman he was dating right before he got canceled totally put a love spell on him and cursed the shit out of his life. I'm pretty sure that curse is what fucked up his life and caused all that. I really got the sense that she wanted to weaken him.

Maybe it was better that he was cancelled because he was about ot move into whipped territory. Probably would be made to cut his hair short for his gf and stuff. On the other hand he had just made like a justice league of occult people and was working with Rose Crowley, and I was WAITING! WAITING so hard for them to finally be in a video together, but he got cancelled before that. We also never saw the third person of the truple. It was so fucking hyped, but it never got to happen.

This is Rose Crowley: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJpvYJf7BLS4KBpfe3xzog

At least he went out on a high note. Damn I wish I saved the youtube videos. Similar to my regret of not saving Teal Swans's videos from when she used to dress all witchy and in black, instead of the modern shiek fashion she has now.


That video is now private, so she isn't accused of satan by Christians I assume. Her new image is clean and more bright colors.

I really feel like those videos and the whole vibe of it was a part of occult history of this decade and should have been preserved for historical purposes.

Not the spells and stuff, like they were all pretty standard. But the aesthetic and stuff, it wont be like that anymore in 10 years. It was so edge lordy but not cringe, like shit we'll never have that ever again. The only spiritual and witchy stuff on youtube now is all white washed and sterilized like Christina Lopez, who I like but just isn't as cool.

Christina Lopez: https://christina-lopes.com/live-with-joy-purpose/spirituality/

Fuck man, I should have saved those videos.

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