Gold Star Father Says Trump Has Changed Obama's Rules of Engagement and It's Saving Military Lives

During his interview, Vaughn explained that there were many things that should have been done differently, and they were a direct result of the old rules of engagement.

He stated, “The helicopter pilots, when they were giving testimony, one of them said that there was a one in a million chance that they could get pre-assault fire approved and the other one said we never ask for it because it's never approved anymore. It was two different testimonies at two different times. That could have saved the warfighters that night.”

He went on to describe the horrific night:

“Also that night, the AC-130 overhead asking to engage multiple times enemy combatants on the ground was not allowed to engage those enemy combatants with weapons and it's very likely that one of those enemy combatants took that chopper down that night.”

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