I had a medical a little over two weeks ago... I need help

Your follow-up is fairly crucial. Did they schedule you or tell you why? Sometimes you don't pass everything during the first dose of a medical. Retained tissue is looked for on the follow-up, and sometimes a secondary round is administered for this retained tissue.

I went through exactly that. Retained tissue. I was told to give it a bit more time and come back for another round if need be. My second round had large clots and more bleeding too. It becomes serious if it isn't all expelled.

The most important thing is to be aware of smell and symptoms. Here's my super non-medical guess: You probably didn't fully expel the first time, so your body is trying to do that now. It's painful! I found more so than day 2. Like bad. You need to make sure you are expelling as best you can. Please no tampons. That will plug up the process. You need to monitor your bleeding, clot numbers, clot size and tissue. If it smells bad, you have a fever, chills, unrelenting back pain, you need to get checked. Do not wait if you have these signs. Don't sleep on it.

I know it sucks, but sepsis is a very serious problem with any retained tissue and can become critical in only a few hours of symptoms. If you weren't ultrasounds afterwards, you don't know if you were all clear.

Please stay in touch with your health support. This can all be fine (it was with me!) But you want to be safe. I want you to be safe ❤

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