Hasta La Vista, UK

Sad that happened to your friend.

But on the other hand I think the main thing pushing most of the moderates to the Left is the way people on the Right use Muslim like a blanket term. Then you guys get upset when the Left uses blanket terms on us like “racists, homophobes, etc”

All that could be saved if you simply made the distinction between Muslim and someone who has been radicalized. I’m not saying be like the media where they don’t even mention he’s Muslim if he did something bad.

But someone who goes to the mosque and hangs with Muslims isn’t a radical or a danger. The Quran literally has nothing about forcing other countries to become Muslim. Or other people. All of that extreme language is from clerics and “sayings of the prophet” (Hadiths) which are mostly man-made sayings, similar to how the Pope used the old church for his own gain. (Example: Pay me money to have your sins absolved)

HOWEVER, If he starts doing like your friend and talking down about America while simultaneously living here, wearing weird clothes, and cutting himself off from any non Muslims... then ok yeah that’s a fucking radical and you should notify the FBI.

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