The mention of Indian-Pakistan-Bangladesh partition in Ep2 of Ms. Marvel has me 100 folds excited about the show. A point/piece of world history that has never been presented on a world stage. And more people should know about.

I didn't downvote you, but I suspect you were because 20th century Pakistani history isn't covered in most history classes in the United States. (I'm not going to speak for other countries.)

Your school WAS unusual. This material is NOT typically taught.

You are basing your ONE anecdotal experience (yourself) and discounting everyone else's. That's perceived as very rude.

What if I said, "Why is everyone complaining about the price of food? Sorry, but my local grocery store gives out free bread to everyone. And if you tell them you're poor, they'll also give you some free eggs. That's a lot of free food. My store is NOT special. Maybe other stores don't do this, but this isn't a really rare thing. I see all of you saying that stores just don't give out free food all the time, but it seemed like it to me. Again, I'm NOT trying to discount your stories of food struggle, but I'm confused by everyone saying that they had problems with not affording food, when it's given out freely by stores."

I think you'd be well within your right to tell me that ignoring other people's real life stories about not having enough to eat is rude. Saying that what I experienced is the norm and everyone else is mistaken is almost tantamount to calling everyone else a liar.

If dozens of other people are telling you that they experienced something different, the best response isn't, "well, I think you're wrong". It should be, "oh, I didn't know that's what the rest of you experienced. Maybe my childhood was very different and most other kids didn't live like that."

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