Free Will

Don't really have a "meaningful opinion". I just explore. I enjoy it. I like reality and exploring reality and can't see any end to newness to discover and facilitate the continuation of exploration nor imagine any other way of life so it doesn't actually require thought unless it's a topic like this, about thought.

I like to explore and reality never ceases to provide new things to explore so opinion isn't really an issue unless I'm exploring it.

"Simulation"? Don't care.

"Infinite possibilities"? I can't see any end to exploration so, don't care.

With regard to the idea that "we're all just too numb to give a shit"? The terms, "we" and "all" and "everyone" don't include me so I just figure, "sucks to be you".

"Free will"? I'm surrounded by what appears to be a nihilistic reality in which nobody is the boss of me nor I the boss of anyone else and within which I experience what seems like the freedom to explore which, without goals or definitions, takes me to new stuff that I couldn't have imagined even if I tried so, again - don't know, don't care.

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